Patrick Glynn

1594 Willowbrook Drive
San Jose, CA 95118

Executive Summary

Over twelve years experience in managing, designing and programming distance education programs for government and private industries. I have contributed to over 30 web based or computer based training projects. Some pieces were produced single-handedly from concept to finished product including instructional design, programming, graphics, audio/video scripting, directing & editing, animation and testing. I have worked in several roles on several teams including management of both local and virtual teams.
Also experienced in training other multimedia professionals and developing web based training utilities.

Work Experience

Multimedia Producer @ Parrotworks
San Jose/Gilroy CA (2/98 to Present)

Multimedia Instructor @ San Jose State University
San Jose CA (5/02 – 08/04)

Lead Author @ Multimedia Pathways
Redwood CA (4/97 to 2/98)

Instructional Systems Specialist @ Department of Veterans Affairs
Cleveland OH (7/95 to 4/97)



Winner of TAAC 2002 Authorware Challenge - Best of Show


Vocational Technical Education @ SUNY Oswego
Oswego NY (9/91 to 5/92)
Educational Masters Work - 24/30 Credits Completed

Marketing BS @ Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester NY (8/85 to 8/89)


Recreational volleyball player, comedy improv

Web Based Training and Computer Based Training Projects

This is an extensive list of businesses I have assisted over the past decade through Parrotworks. The list appears alphabetically.

Parrotworks built a custom LMS to assist teachers with limited technical abilities in tracking student progress.

Breakwater Security
Parrotworks created a custom WBT authoring system which allows Breakwater staff to maintain their training through a series of RTF files.

Cobham/Carleton Technologies, Inc
Parrotworks has worked with Carleton since 2004 as a mentor in producing WBT which includes video, 3D and 2D animations, and tracked quizzes instructing military personnel and pilots in the use of aviation equipment.

Chase Manhattan Bank
Parrotworks managed a team of six programmers to rapidly produce a sophisticated software simulation.

Parrotworks assisted on a variety of Cisco e-learning projects in both design and programming capacities.



Parrotworks assisted in the design and programming of their new hire orientation material.

Lucent Technologies
Parrotworks assisted with programming and graphics production.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Parrotworks updated their internal training into a format that allows for easier for staff to maintain

MeridianEaton Global
Parrotworks designed a customized authoring system allowing MeridianEaton staff to easily add and edit content.

National Semiconductor
Parrotworks designed a customized tracking system for e-learning quizzes.

Ohio Civil Service Employees Association

Parrotworks designed and programmed a web based training solution.

Parrotworks developed computer based training materials for interactive face-to-face learning activities.

Parrotworks developed a CD based training program.

STAM Multimedia
Parrotworks updated computer based training content for web delivery including over 100 videos.

Parrotworks assisted by providing training for a variety of both internal and external online training needs.

Texas Medical Association
Parrotworks designed and programmed a series of training modules for primary care physicians on cancer prevention, screening and management.

UC Davis
Parrotworks designed and programmed a series of customized interactive Flash activities for UC Davis' online Spanish training courses.


Parrotworks custom designed and programmed a dozen courses on wines and beverages for Ruth Chris Steakhouse including several custom Flash activities.

Recent Professional Speaking Appearances

Patrick Glynn is considered an expert in the field of e-learning and speaks frequently. Some of his most recent appearances are as follows:

April 2008 – Orlando, FL
Guild Annual Gathering Conference 2008

April 2007 – Boston, MA
The eLearning Guild 2007 Annual Gathering

September 2006 - Las Vegas, NV
Workforce Performance

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