Welcome to Walk for Lost Kids!

From its inception, Walk for Lost Kids (W4LK) has had one main mission – to bring light to the Federal Title 4 funding programs that fuel unconstitutional practices within state run family court systems.

The average state receives tens of millions each year for a series of unethical family court practices including eliminating one parent in the divorce process (Title 4D) and removing children from homes via CPS — even when no abuse is occurring (Title 4E). See two minute video at: https://tinyurl.com/endtitle4

Between 2014 and 2016, Walk for Lost Kid’s founder, Patrick Glynn, did four walks to garner media attention.  His most visible walk was a 30-day, 450-mile hike between Boston and Washington DC ending at the Divorce Corp. Family Law Reform Conference in November 2014.

Another walk held in the San Francisco bay area included both Carlos Rivera (later featured on CNN’s Lisa Ling) and Kash Jackson – considered by many a key leader of the family court reform movement.

After these initial efforts, it became apparent that the mainstream media was censoring family court demonstrations like walks.  In response, W4LK refocused efforts into producing online educational content through Facebook and YouTube.  Despite blockages, W4LK Facebook has about 2,200 followers.

In 2019, W4LK posted a video connecting state CPS stories of due process violations into a cohesive national story.  In 24 hours the video received 10,000 views.  Since then, YouTube has only allowed 3,000 views in the past two years – yet another shadow banning story.  W4LK YouTube videos can be viewed at: https://tinyurl.com/fcrvids

CPS takes 300 kids each day from homes where no maltreatment is occurring. 
This is taken from research from a top attorney college and posted on the ABA web server. 
The legal practice is aware this is occurring and is apathetic at best.

Those closest to CPS atrocities understand CPS is directly linked to child trafficking.  Several independent sources who have published CPS damning content have been removed from social media web sites.

Like many organizations spreading stories of injustice, W4LK has recently needed to join the basic fight for first amendment rights as a mere means of survival to spread the word on family court injustice.

Patrick Glynn is a father to two daughters.  He has not had access to his daughters in three years which is common for advocates that speak against the system.

In addition to YouTube, W4LK is active on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/walkforlostkids

Walkforlostkids.com archives older content; most detailing walks.

Walk for Lost Kids is merely one of several complimentary organizations within the family court reform effort.  The true magnitude of the problem can best be illustrated by acknowledging the number of significant contributors below.  Many smaller groups are unlisted. 


Americans for Equal Shared Parenting (AFESP)

AFESP is taking the family court battle state to state in an attempt to pass legislation which will force family court judges to default to equal custody scenarios when both parents are fit.  State courts have been virtually eliminating one parent because the situation leads to higher child support agreements and, in turn, higher Federal funding amounts.

AFESP has successfully met with hundreds of state legislators as well as White House representatives.  Founder Mark Ludwig has been featured on numerous mainstream television and radio programs to make light of issues in family court.

AFESP website

Kash Jackson/Restoring Freedom

Veteran and family court whistleblower Kash Jackson is a key leader in the family court reform movement.  His resume of fighting for American’s rights is too vast to cover here.  He led a march in 2017 in Washington DC uniting 150 participating.  Most organizations on this list attended.

Recently Kash was imprisoned in December of 2021 for allegedly threatening a judge in Lake County, Illinois.  His family court judge has actively kept Kash from his children for three years without cause and openly denied him free speech.

Kash, like many of the Jan 6th arrest victims, has numerous violations of his civil liberties in keeping him in prison without due process. Please reach out if you have attorneys in Illinois willing to stand for American vets or other resources.

https://www.facebook.com/KashJacksonforGovernor (Note: Frequent URL changes)

Family Forward Project

Connie Reguli, leader of the Family Forward Project (15,800 members), is an outspoken attorney in Tennessee who speaks on the issues of family court; primarily in CPS cases. In retaliation, she has been both jailed and gagged in the past for simply defending her clients.  Her case is still active.  The judicial system is hoping to silence her.


Dad’s Talk Today

Online personalities have come and gone over the decades.  Recently founder Eric Carroll has had tremendous success in gaining popularity both online and in nationwide face to face meetings with government leadership.  Over 330,000 people follow content on Facebook.


Divorce Corp. Documentary

In 2014, Joseph Sorge released the documentary Divorce Corp. which illustrates the evils of the American family court system underestimated as a $50 million industry.  To date, this documentary is a cornerstone to basic information about how family courts operate.

Divorce Corp. website

California Families Rise

Founder Michelle Chan has gathered a group in California that actively demonstrates against the family courts.  Currently 3,600 members strong.


Erasing Family

Ginger Gentle produced a documentary, Erasing Family, that explores family court system from the perspective from adult children who have lived through parental alienation and the courts.


Child Support Hustle (Book)

Kenya Rahmaan published a book to help educate people stuck in the child support game. In addition to unconstitutional and unreasonable child support figures, states are encouraged to drive payees into debt since the states often make money on the interest for arrears when payments can’t be made.

In addition to the book, Kenya has been outspoken online in support of people trapped in the system.


The Red Pill Movie

A 2016 Cassie Jaye documentary on the men’s rights movement revealing many issues influencing men including family court biases.  Mark Angelucci, VP of the National Coalition for Men was included in the movie.  In July 2020, Mark was murdered – another statistic in this battle.


The Payback Problem Report – California

Damning 72-pg report assembled by a CA group in 2019 clearly illustrated that 70% of outstanding child support debt is owed to the CA government—not children.  In addition to stats, personal stories are told.  A father paying $1200/mon in child support discovers only $100 was going to the mother.


The Fathers Rights Movement (TFRM)

At its peak, the Fathers Rights Movement had hundreds of thousands of members.  It is still active mostly at the state level.