Courts: Tools of Abusers Most Victims: Men

The Atlantic recently published an article pointing out many of the weaknesses in the family court system; allowing abusers to use the system against their targets.

This article merely sits the reader at the edge of the rabbit hole without even merely looking down. The true level of abuse becomes clear when you understand how one sided — even automated — the system has become.

And to be perfectly clear, men tend to be the victims. However injustice happens to both sexes in the system.

One parent is designated the custodial parent (CP). The other is the non-custodial parent (NCP). The CP “owns the kids”. The NCP pays child support.

If the CP blocks custody of the kids, the NCP can try to remedy within the courts. He/she can either pay a lawyer (play the game) or:

  • Fill out the proper paperwork
  • File the paperwork with the courts (including a fee)
  • Hire a court server to have the CP served (more money)
  • Prepare court arguments
  • Appear in court
  • Hope the courts care

If the NCP does not pay child support, the CP needs to do NOTHING.

The courts — as a “service to the CP” — will do the following to collect child support:

  • Call the NCP
  • Email the NCP
  • Snail mail the NCP
  • Contact the NCP’s employer to seize paychecks
  • Contact the NCP’s bank to seize accounts
  • Seize the NCP’s assets
  • Take the NCP’s driver’s license
  • Take the NCP’s passport
  • Create a warrant for the arrest of the NCP
  • Coordinate with law enforcement to round up “deadbeats”
  • Imprison the NCP
  • Bill the NCP for lawyer costs for any of the above
  • Disregard Constitutional law to achieve any of the above

What easier form of abuse is an automated system of abuse?

I’ll go out on a limb here and declare the vast majority of ALL cases within family court involve abuse? Why? Because two reasonable people getting divorced don’t actually need the courts to wrap things up.

It’s only the people that determine the courts will allow abusive behavior that hang around. People willing to abduct their own children for profit. Or people willing to pay their lawyers to prove they are right.

If you want to explore abuse in family courts, do your homework. When you’re finished you’ll learn that the terms family court and abuse are interchangeable.

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