Pedophilia & the Title 4E Crisis

Sometimes the best way to understand someone is to put yourself in their shoes. So let’s take a moment to do just that.

You’re a pedophile.

Not your average pedophile. You’ve enjoyed some success and you have a stockpile of money and friends in high places.

You need to have a large source of children to prey upon and the foster care system has been your go-to dealer. After all, it’s much easier to nab a kid who already has mom and dad out of the picture.

So the last thing you wanna see is state-run foster care systems falter. They need to continue to be well funded. And they are: through the Federal Title IV-E program. In 2016, the national total was $7.5 billion.

Keep telling your buddies in DC how important kids are. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

However, giving these programs money by itself (i.e. your tax dollars) won’t guarantee a successful pool of fresh recruits. You need to tip the scales a bit with policies that make getting the child out of the home the priority. Where money flows when the work is done properly (i.e. mom and dad are no longer in the picture).

If this all seems a bit of a conspiracy theory, then there’s really no point in asking why the system is putting gag orders on lawyers who call out wrong doings of the courts.

Read how the government validates the foster care pipeline.

So let’s pull it all together:

  • Pedophiles are everywhere and many run the country
  • They’ve built terrific government systems that legally take your children from you
  • Your kids are with you, so this somehow doesn’t apply
  • Until it does
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