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Pritzker 2018 Opponent Held with Excessive Bail

Kash Jackson, 20 year veteran and prior gubernatorial opponent, is being held on a warrant issued by Governor Pritzker.  Allegedly a threat was made on Joseph Salvi, the family court judge that has successfully blocked Kash from his children for over three years.  Joseph Salvi and the entire Lake County staff have recused themselves on the case sending the case to DuPage County.

Meanwhile, media sources have labelled him as a fugitive when no trial has even taken place.  He has no prior criminal history.

The bail set at $500,000 has raised eyebrows in light of Pritzker’s 2021 bail reform measures touting bail with least restrictive conditions necessary to ensure a defendant’s appearance in court.

Between his home state of Arkansas and Illinois, Kash has already spent over a month in jail awaiting a trial.  Numerous due process violations have been reported as well as a critical question on jurisdiction since Kash was not in the state when the alleged call occurred.

Many closest to Kash consider him a political prisoner.  His next hearing in DuPage County on January 28th.

______________ notes ______________

1. During his candidacy in the governor race, family court judge Joseph Salvi (Lake County) attempted to blackmail Kash Jackson in order to get his candidate ticket for his brother Al (this was documented somewhere in the media, don’t have link this sec)

2. Kash has been blocked from his kids by Joseph Salvi and Lake County for over 3 years now without a single shred of proof that he should not have access.

3. Lake County issued a warrant alleging he made a threatening phone call (from Arkansas) to judges. Inconsistencies in their documents claim the call was made from Arkansas AND Illinois.  Claiming the call from IL allows his extradition.

4. He was arrested by Arkansas sheriff’s in November.  The Arkansas judge considered IL $500,000 bail excessive and reduced to $75,000. 

5. Kash’s family raised $7500 and he was released.

6. Pritzker issued a second, governor’s warrant.

7. On Dec 13th he was placed in jail in Arkansas where he remained for a month through the holidays.

8. They extradited him to Illinois on Friday, Jan 14th.

9. There are dozens of inconsistencies, technical, constitutional and ethical violations that occurred to get him to Illinois (I’m not a lawyer).  Bottomline, he is being treated as guilty without ever having a hearing. Those closest to Kash believe he is in grave danger due to so many obvious law violations and being dragged to Illinois. 

10. His bail was set at $500,000 with no priors.  IL is supposedly reforming bail.

11. “Alleged” is being dropped in the media to imply he is guilty and a fugitive.

12. The entire Lake County judicial system has recused themselves on the case (although they sent the initial warrant?!)

The next hearing is in DuPage on Jan 28th.