James Younger Case Failure!

The media’s hunger for shock journalism outweighs the protection of American children. The masses want to believe James is safe and we can just wrap a bow up on the James Younger story.

Real journalists ask hard questions. Like “Why?”

And with fairly basic research, they’d find those answers. It would all track back to Title 4. To enormous amounts of money paying an illegal, unethical, unconstitutionally run family court system.

James wins another day in family court. Meanwhile, thousands of kids throughout the country currently live in darkness: metal containers in ports, basements, or just under dark clouds from having a missing loving parent.

Millions of kids have been effected. But they aren’t as sensational. The media won’t be pouncing on those secret hearings behind closed doors. And so those kids are lost. Lost to a fatherless epidemic. Lost to CPS bypassing due process and being swiped by foster care. Lost to the largely unchecked pedophile industry.

The James Younger case is like any media divorce that sneaks into mainstream media for it’s 15 minutes of fame. Here. Then gone.

Meanwhile millions of tortured kids wait hoping someone will be strong enough to ask deeper questions about family courts. Questions that the American masses may not be ready to have answered.

Further info: Mark Ludwig speaks to Title 4 with Epoch Times

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