Deadbeat Mythology Ends Here. Now.


For decades since the first man burned himself on the family court stairs (Thomas James Ball is a more recent example), the media has perpetuated the myth that fathers are deadbeats.  The injustice of the media-parroted label has lingered for three main reasons:

  • Many people profit from the propaganda
  • Media channel fears of repercussions from the legal system
  • Lack of credible data that unjust father removal is an epidemic

Spoiler Alert: Item number three just dissolved.

Family courts have kept data at bay for years repeatedly sighting protection of children.  Even though common sense states, aggregating court data doesn’t reveal a thing.  Other than corruption.

How much money goes through any family courthouse in America?  No one can quite say.

Powerful interests even attempted to get divorce questions dropped from the census.  1361 complaints quashed that angle.

Now the data dam has finally burst.  The great American secret in out: The deadbeat label is a myth.

1 in 8 fathers in the US is being blocked from their kids.

No.  That’s not a typo.  Blocked.

While anyone over the age of 30 knows this to be true, somehow our generation has been self-stupified to requiring statistical proof to do anything.

According to recent Pew Research, six in ten dads report spending too little time with their kids.  And one in five of that group reports the reason is because they don’t live with them.

That’s 9 million dads who want to be in their children’s lives more and can’t.

And we wonder why eliminating children’s natural protectors has resulted in an extreme upswing in national child sex trafficking?  It’s not rocket science.

For years, the media has gleefully showed law enforcement doing their job imprisoning fathers for child support.  Now we can statistically extrapolate a large portion of these men are blocked from their kids.

It’s unlikely that anytime soon we’ll see a televised round up of the 9 million mothers who are denying custody.  That is legal, acceptable behavior.  Except it’s not.  It’s called parental alienation and more and more studies are defining it as child abuse.

Remind me again why we need studies to prove removing a parent from a child is abuse?

Male suicide rates continue to climb off the charts. 

Females outliving men is somehow shrugged off as normal.

The facts are in. Men are forcibly kept from their kids. How many more will die before we collectively drop the deadbeat designation?

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