2022 Update

The world is awakening to the fact that freedom of speech is being aggressively targeted.

Walk for Lost Kids’ simple mission is to educate people on the evils of Federal Title 4 D and E which are destroying families. As part of that mission we posted the following video to YouTube in November of 2019 bringing light to the fact that the CPS (child protective system) structures have been intentionally copied from state to state allowing for systematic destruction of the traditional family.

On one day in 2019, this video gathered 12,000 views.

It was immediately shadow banned — meaning it was not blocked; just not easily found by viewers.

Since that day, only 1,000 people have viewed the file in nearly 2 and 1/2 years.

Time to ask why and who doesn’t want you to know.

Other video bloggers who have taken on child trafficking issues like Daniel Lee and James White were completely banned from YouTube in the same timetable.

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