CPS Lawsuit Dam Cracking

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For decades, state child protective service (CPS) agencies hand-in-hand with state family courts have saved thousands of kids from alleged abuse scenarios.  One minor problem.  They actually didn’t let Constitutional law get in their way.

Due process went to the wayside and no one was watching.  Until now.

In Oregon, a class action lawsuit is underway representing 8000 kids in child welfare programs that aren’t complying with Federal or Constitutional law. Staff are fleeing the crime scene.

In Indiana, 22,000 children are represented by a lawsuit against the Department of Child Services (DCS) in the wake of a DCS Director leaving because she felt the system was “ensuring kids will die”.

Minnesota’s vague statutes are unconstitutional.  Another CPS Lawsuit.

Arizona leads the country in nabbing kids.  There the criteria for family removal has been reduced to the ridiculous. Recently the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals needed to be involved in a case where kids were separated from their mother because she photographed them in the bathtub.  Fortunately the court had more common sense than CPS, validating the mother’s “constitutional right to live together without governmental interference”. 

In California, Orange County was successfully sued by girls who were taken from their mother when social workers committed perjury.  $9.6 million.  For the moment, collaborating CA courts have avoided direct fire through the CA Commission on Judicial Performance (CJP).  It is tasked with court transparency yet for years has repeatedly been unable to report on numerous filed complaints about the courts.  Coincidence?  Maybe they know something we don’t.

North Carolina CPS staff are lying under oath and meeting notes are “missing”. 

There’s blood in the water.

But poorly run CPS programs is still only the tip of the iceberg.

The story behind the story: Federal reward incentives fund the CPS agencies doing the dirty work. 

The more kids that child advocate agencies take, the more money states make.  Title 4 Federal grants pour millions into the states when agencies, under the veil of protecting kids, pad their pockets by increasing their caseloads.  So, if Title 4 isn’t stopped or reformed, there will continue to be temptations to take kids on the side of caution — mistakes that benefit CPS agencies.

Under trained, overworked social workers have been trigger happy far too long.  And financial incentives made double checking the work through due process optional.  Now states are beginning to feel the ramifications of those oversights.

The family courts have momentarily ducked scrutiny in many instances even though their rubber stamps enabled this entire debacle while collecting money through Title 4 racketeering schemes.  The BAR Association is unlikely to bite the hand that feeds them. 

Being wrongfully separated from your kids is a hard pill to swallow.  Swarms of parents welcoming legal reparations are waiting for judgment to fall upon their CPS, their courthouse, their state. And now the lawyers who made their bread and butter on removing kids from perfectly good homes can now jump to the other team; suing the CPS systems that enabled their success.

It is clear that CPS lawsuits will continue to rollout.  And with each successful lawsuit, the next one becomes easier.  The feeding frenzy isn’t in full stride.  Yet.

Money will flow.  Laws may change.  But the true damage – unethically removing kids from nurturing loving parents – will unlikely be fixed within our lifetimes.

9 thoughts on “CPS Lawsuit Dam Cracking”

  1. Feds might subsidize but never pay the full bill. Leave some cost for the states in order caution trigger-happy CPS.

  2. This should also be an organized crime violation under the
    R.I.C.O 1983 STATUTES. When the individuals operate outside their job disciplines. Much cash exchanges hands between this organized crime group. It’s the Group, NOT THE GOVERNMENT.
    The extorted federal funds ect.

  3. I’m a grandmother that was given power of Atterney by daughter while incarceration and county didn’t acknowledge that being that it was stamped by Atterney and that I am their maternial grandma that they’ve lived with fir long periods of time . They used me for 13 months for the social worker said she saw the great strong bond we had I got visits for weekly than out of nowhere they just erased and declined all visit owe foster parents I have over 14 errors and on top of it all they demanedex a house , a foster license and I did all they asked and still nothing was fine properly along with a complete relative search was ordered per judge and it was not carried out. I am asking for guidance and help to have my grandparents rights restored and I’m asking how did this happen in our United States were are our rights at as far as humans and relatives Prayers welcomed too 🙏🏼

  4. Need help with similar issues in pontotoc county Oklahoma, judge made court hearing private, cps investigator violated ada title 2 section 504 multiple times, violated amendments 4 and 14. Next court hearing is August 7th at 10 am.

  5. I would like to figure out how to sue Alaska OCS!! They harassed us lied about us and stole our grandkids. I was the primary care giver for my grandkids from Alaska through ICPC!! We have not been allowed to see them for two years because they were stolen back to Alaska. Because of lies, and an out right set up from the OCS. Forcing us to use a felon and known drug addict and alcoholic to supervise visits!! They forced us to drive the kids round trip to thier visits! We were the care takers for the children. Alaska did nothing to help us!! They did everything to undermine us! I upset the establishment, I went above everyone’s head to the top!!! My grandkids paid the price for that! My stepson won his TPR appeal! But Alaska still wants them to wait months before giving them thier kids!! The Supreme Court order says expedite the reunification of his children!! On top of that the parents have not been allowed to talk to their kids for over a month!! 💔💔💔

  6. Thank you for these statements. Our government is greedy and yes so is cps. I’ve read many stories of children being placed into worse conditions then they were in and how traumatic this must be for parents and especially the children. What these children are going through is completely uncalled for. These kids are the future and effects everybody even though they don’t know it. Are they not important anymore ? Especially if people are padding their pockets. It’s sickening

  7. Hi my name is shelly an my granddaughters have been taking by CPS an CPS wouldn’t give any of the family a chance the worker Gina Faber fought hard for her friends the foster parents to have them, an my daughter gave in bc of all the threats,I’m so lost with out them I’ve never been so depressed in my life an I’m a very happy person, but not anymore. 🙁 I just want them home!! Please help! A very lost grandma!

  8. Please put Title IV so parents can look up the Federal law. B is for CPS cases and D is for family court. Check out ArtSoolk.Com and go to the representing yourself page. It will take you to Motions 4 Sale. There you can find documents that judges and caseworkers don’t have immunity, motions for sale, RICO Federal Manual for attorneys and more.

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