Letter to Save Mercury News

Sharon and other Mercury News staff –

I recently received your emailed request for funding.  I wanted to write and let you know how critical I believe journalism is to our free society.

The Mercury News, like many other large news sources, rarely touch upon the topic of divorce because it’s not sexy, taboo or – in a worst case scenario – you are controlled by the powers that be. 

The state of California is being paid to eliminate parents from the lives of children through federal Title IV-D funding.  Meanwhile Title IV-E funding encourages CPS to remove kids from homes at a national rate of two per minute.  That’s federally funded child trafficking. (Title 4D and E funding info)

The family courts in California have run unconstitutionally for decades without much attention.  They hold secret courts where one party isn’t present (ex parte).  They have no juries.  No cameras.  They pretty much have unchecked power because the media has done nothing to shine light on the problem.

Last year, a large non-profit group produced The Payback Problem which addressed the severity of some of these issues.  In response, two CA bills were created to put a small dent in the problem.  Newsom quickly vetoed them both because he would lose free money from the Feds.  Your story completely missed the real underlying issue:

The state of California is being paid to eliminate parents from the lives of children.

That statement sounds like something from Nazi Germany.  Yet it gets zero press.

The good news is, with the recent Covid-19 epidemic, “Constitutionality” is slowly becoming vogue again.  Judges from Wisconsin, Oregon and Illinois have limited the power of their tyrannical governors who declared unconstitutional stay-at-home orders.  Police on YouTube are refusing duty because their orders are unconstitutional.

Many independent web based news sources are beginning to speak about Title IV-D.  THIS is the future of journalism.  Mercury News is way behind on the curve.

I am a fit, loving parent in an eight-year CA-driven divorce.  I have been blocked from my daughters for nearly two years.  I have committed no crimes.  I have a $20,000 bail bond on my head because I refuse to attend unconstitutional court hearings.  I was forced to pay 90% of my income to the state of California – two-thirds of which doesn’t even go to the mother of my kids.

I am connected to hundreds of other Californians who want justice.  Who fear the state they live in.  Who have no voice.

Find me an article on Title IV-D funding and I’ll find you $1,000 in donations (likely 100 $10 donations from homeless fathers).

Drop the word unconstitutional once or twice – not because you are getting paid – because you stand for something other than yourself.

Good luck in your quest to keep the Mercury News above water.

Patrick Glynn

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