Criminalize Parental Alienation? No.

There are two horrible evils in the world: Parental Alienation and the current state run Family Court systems.

Parental alienation is destroying children; wrongfully separating parents and kids.

Optimistically, family courts are dysfunctional. The flip side: they are down right corrupt. In either event, the last thing you want to do is give a broken system more power. Making Parental Alienation a crime would be doing just that.

When you state you want courts to penalize a parent that alienates a child, what you are really saying is you want the court to:

  1. Care about your situation
  2. Accurately collect information about each parent
  3. Decide which parent is the alienator
  4. Punish that parent

In my experience, abusive parents and attorneys enjoy more success in family court rooms. Passing your new law to punish alienators sounds great right up to the moment you find yourself imprisoned for alienating. Don’t believe the courts make mistakes? Then keep pushing for the law.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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