I Don’t Always Agree with AFESP. That’s Good.

The family court reform movement has had a horrible history of having events sabotaged by people who think they are the center of the world. It really shouldn’t be a surprise since so many people suffer from PTSD as a direct result of the courts. People are mad, depressed, and desperate for relief.

I support AFESP 100%. They are one of the strongest, most capable organizations in recent history in reforming family courts. Unlike saboteurs, I’d never take a stance to hinder AFESP’s accomplishments.

That said — the depth of the movement, like war, requires many groups, many approaches, many troops in many different places.

Much of AFESP’s success is understanding politics; how politicians think. AFESP knows how to make critical meetings happen within the government maze.

The flip side is that AFESP doesn’t traditionally rock the boat. They want to convey a collaborative, work together approach to finding solutions. They don’t much care for street protests. They’re the good cop.

But the movement needs bad cops. People who passionately get in the faces of decision makers. People who rock the boat. Boat rockers are the ones that get media attention. The web is full of mad family court victims. Few have their act together enough to play the “bad cop” role well.

To understand the precise tone that is needed to make real family court change happen, I offer some dialog from the MLK playbook (Selma scene..excuse bad audio).

I have no doubt that AFESP will continue to create wins for the movement. The biggest ones will come when we strike this tone. That is only possible when politicians feel enough pressure. Most of that pressure will come from organizations outside AFESP who can effectively play bad cop without making the movement look like random, angry, rogue divorcees.

My personal approach will always be harsher language. FIX IT NOW. I know AFESP can’t endorse everything I stand for. I see our differences as collaboration.

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