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This isn’t about me and it’s not about my divorce.

It’s about thousands upon thousands of divorces needlessly destroying the lives of kids and adults alike.  Children are being used as pawns – stripped of loving parents for cash by corrupt family courts.  These are not exceptions.  They are the rules.  And lawyers siphoning helpless people makes divorce the fourth biggest cause of bankruptcy in the US.

While the issues are both heated and complex, identifying what needs to be fixed is very clear: family courts.

The problem, in fact, is so significant that people who are not even touched by divorce should be in the loop.  Watch Divorce Corp for starters.  A generation of kids are being irreversibly harmed by an aggressive government system that operates without regard to the US Constitution.

10 million kids live without a dad, 2 million live without a mom and countless more have their access limited because limited access is a cash cow in America.

I’m working to get the word out; to bring attention to a social issue that affects us all.  Most of all, I’m fighting for simple, clear legislature enforcing Annual Elective 50/50 Custody to save our kids.

On October 15th, in anticipation of the Divorce Corp Reform Conference, I will begin a 400+ mile walk from Boston to Washington DC to attract media attention to this critical topic.

Please join me.  How do you want to define your role?

  • Walk with me: I have setup this web site to candidly show most legs of my journey.  In general, each day consists of three 5 to 7 mile sessions.  Explore the start dates, times and places, pick one (or part of one) and join me.
  • Write your story: Naysayers are quick to write us off as a small, extreme group of upset divorcees.  The fact is that the vast majority of us are in awful circumstances affecting our kids while driving us into poverty.  The best way for us to convey this is to share as many stories as possible.  Share as much or as little as you like.  Be anonymous if you prefer.  But please tell us your story.  It helps the cause.
  • Sponsor Me: I do have costs and will accept sponsorship to get the word out.
  • Loan me a Couch: I’m doing this on a shoestring budget and open to overnight accommodations along the way.
  • Admin Support: I need some minor administrative support in coordinating my schedule and keeping this web site updated while the walk occurs.  Requires one hour per day for the entire month.

I will be actively blogging on this site but want this introduction to remain the home page for now.  Watch for updates through the date links to the left.

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New?  Please read A Lost Generation to get caught up.

America is broken; broken to the point where we have built a system to strip children from parents.  Divorce courts are arbitrarily separating kids from their parents and it needs to end.  If I need to sleep a night or two in the streets to bring some attention to the matter – so be it.  Because, once you’ve been told by the courts you don’t have a legal right to your own kids, nothing else much matters.  Nothing.

I’m still early in the detailed planning of my walk – the marketing, the media campaign.  It’s uncharted waters.  Fear makes most people recoil.  For me, it’s just verification that I’m still alive.  Validation that step two will be as rewarding as the first.

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New?  Please read A Lost Generation to get caught up.

People not living the life of child abduction through family courts simply wouldn’t believe it.  I know I wouldn’t.

Sarah’s court order clearly shows she should have her kids today.  The kids are clearly 3000 miles away with their father.  We invested a dozen hours into the court paperwork labyrinth to get to see the judge responsible for the order.

Bottom line: This doesn’t qualify as an emergency.  Really.  I’m not making this up.  Someone takes your kids away illegally but even talking to a judge isn’t a priority.  See you in September.

Someday, we’ll look at days like these in history and gasp like we do now for slavery or the witch hunts.  But today it’s the norm so we simply sigh and return to our normal days.  Mine is planning a walk to help end this madness.

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I’m only a child myself entering the world of parental alienation, wild west custody antics and political podiums.  This is unfortunately an tragic epic tale.

Bill Knoellner & Bill Gibbons did bike rides from Philadelphia to Washington DC five years ago.  Then brought their stories to the Capitol.  Yet nothing has changed.  And as a direct result, it’s statistically likely the children naively playing in the background of their videos have had a parent removed from their lives.  Oh well.

It’s been a repetitive cycle: Horrified parents jumping to activism.  Stripped of their children, they have nothing but time.  Time to pour their energy into writing booksbuilding organizationscollecting hundreds of similar stories to show the magnitude of the atrocity, working to make the government do something.  Anything.

For decades, few have listened.

Are you listening?  We’d like our kids back.

Learn more about my walk and the cause here.

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(In response to David DeLugas comments)

Mr. DeLugas –

I enjoy healthy debate. To be clear, we are on the same side.  That said, exposure is EVERYTHING.

Lobbys like the NRA and the oil companies get legislature they want because they are powerful forces; large and vocal.

Any cause that is a threat to the power of an elected legislature can do the same.

But here’s the kicker: One person is just as powerful as an army. Don’t believe me? Ask Alice Paul, who virtually single-handedly backed Woodrow Wilson into a corner to pass the 19th Amendment for Women’s Rights.

If a foreign nation crossed our borders and swiped our kids, guns would be everywhere. Kinda like in Ferguson. Since the very real threat to our kids is internal and neatly covered up by government corruption in a corner where the Constitution has been abolished, no one will do a thing. However, the second the media starts using the sound byte “government corruption”, changes will happen quickly.  Very quickly.

This is a war.  Lives are being lost.  People are being imprisoned.

All preventable with a simple 50/50 custody law.

I appreciate your help in whatever form it comes.  Let’s talk.


See also: Iron Jawed Angels (Movie of the Alice Paul Story)

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Divorce Corp. recently announced my walk on their Facebook page and, as anticipated, people jumped to support me with Likes and Shares. For a fleeting moment, it felt quite good.

Then the realization hit me.

This was the hundreds of horror stories I knew were out there.  Each well-intended word of support, represented more destroyed lives; People living in daily pain because a slanted system had stripped them of their kids.

My heart fell.

All of us have roles in bring light to the issue; to be catalysts of change.  Sometimes the emotions are too much to bare.  Laying in bed hoping the dreadful nightmare will end doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.  I guess today I’ll walk a bit.


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Thanks to family courts, Parental Alienation (PA) and custody are neatly packaged issues.  Parents use unbalanced custody as the key component in alienating their children.

But here’s a critical point: We can’t and shouldn’t legislate parental alienation.  The very real psychology behind the alienating parent is barely understood by the people in the field.  We can’t wait decades to educate a blind legal system on PA.  We need immediate laws enacted to protect children now that are easily understood and not subjective because alienating parents thrive on subjectivity.  They have taken your kids away from you in the best interest of the children.  They can prove it.  And any PA law on the books is actually simply more ammunition for alienating parents.

I recently came across this petition to end parental alienation.

People’s passion for their kids is real but this whole petition is misguided.  I implore you to change the messages you are sending to Congress.  Focus on custody — not parental alienation.

50/50 custody laws are the swiftest, best protection you will get from legislatures to protect you from being completely removed from your children’s lives.  And the sooner we can agree on this point, the sooner we’ll have the large number of unified voices we need to get the attention of our state and federal governments.


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Even when mired in divorce reform and parental alienation, our optimistic human nature returns us to the promise of love.

Recently Keith Marsolek posted this at PAWWSG:

We have spent trillions of dollars on the war on poverty. Its still here. We have spent billions on the war on drugs. All still here even though we have made it all a crime.

The point is, making something or an act criminal does not make it go away. If history teaches us anything, it only makes it worse as this seems to be our nature.

Stop hating your ex and start loving your kids. If you dont, by the time you realize it they will be grown adults and off on thier own. You will have spent thousands of hours trying to make someone change who wont ever and you will still have PA.

Keith –

Bravo.  Love can conquer all.

A loving relationship is a constant ebb and flow in finding equilibrium.  Because we are human, part of our natural response system is to be angry and to hate.  The key is that we recognize our own anger and channel it appropriately.  People that can never look within themselves and see they are the source of their own anger can not be helped.

We aim to teach our children many things. The critical one is that they are safe and loved.  But another is that they have strong moral values.  And as any caring parent can tell you, teaching kids values creates conflict.  In cases of PA, many of us feel stripped of our parental right to teach values.  I believe this is untrue.  Children simply need to feel safe first.

Loving ourselves and our children should not need to compete with the needs of our spouse past the point of never regaining equilibrium.  And so the ultimate question in any loving relationship is when to stop giving because we believe we will receive nothing in return.  The end result being three possible scenarios:

1. We escape our relationships prematurely because we fear the slightest of signs (including anger).  Escaping could be physical, emotional or both.  Borderline is a common label here.

2. We continually pour love into a bottomless abyss believing that the equilibrium will return when, in fact, it will not.

3. Our relationship returns to equilibrium and we experience both love and the satisfaction of sustaining the relationship.

Love is perseverance beyond our own fears and losing people we love is part of life.

Love is a great strategy in getting our kids but people need to reflect on their own role in their loving relationships.

“Giving without expecting anything in return” is both a valid definition for love and an abuse victim.  And the only element differentiating the two is our own perspective.

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The family courtroom has become an extremely subjective environment mostly due to lack of oversight.  The exact same laws are frequently used in completely different ways even by the same judge on the same day in the same courtroom.

If it wasn’t a tragedy, it would be a comedy.  Sometimes I feel like my chances of increased custody come down to whether the judge slept well the night before or ate a good breakfast.

Remember the old TV courtroom dramas where attorneys would quote landmark cases to make their point?  Not in family court.  Why?  Because everything is subjective.

If you want to reform family courts you need to eliminate subjectivity.  As it stands, the judges already have the power to override virtually anything that they choose so the only way to insure our laws are carried out as intended is to remove subjectivity.

This is a extremely simple task but requires writing laws which are a far cry from the norm.  Laws need to be:

This is essential.  We can swiftly make things happen when the judge has two choices.  This is why I am a strong proponent of an Annual Elective 50/50 custody law.  As a sweeping generalization, it will force the courts to do more harm than good.  Judges have only two choices:
  1. Deem there is enough evidence to support physical or sexual harm to the kids, or
  2. Split custody 50/50
This issue cuts across all laws and government entities.  Our ice caps are rapidly melting and the best we can do is spend our time adding unnecessary wording to laws to insure their review, reading and the ensuing debate take forever.

The First Amendment was drafted in 1791 and has served us well ever since (in places it’s enforced, anyways).  Read it and weep: 45 words.

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I am extremely optimistic about Divorce Corp and dozens of other organizations making headway in getting laws on the books. Unfortunately laws written like this one are like driving the football 90 yards down field and then handing it to the other team.

Excerpt from NJ Alimony Reform Bill:
“Exceptional circumstances which may require an adjustment to the duration of alimony include: …any other factors or circumstances that the court deems equitable, relevant and material.

.i.e. whatever the judge wants.

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Dear Ms. Murwell & Mr. Greenberg –

One of scariest threats to Americans is epidemics.

We have been living an epidemic for decades which is devastating the economic and social well-being of families and children: forcibly stripping parents from children with parental alienation and a family court system which has no accountability. Like AIDS, the numbers may only be tens of thousands of children for the moment but it is growing each day.

Damaged kids of unequitable divorce custody arrangements (including total elimination of one parent) are more suseptible to poverty, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, financial devistation, violence and trauma. There is considerable statistical evidence to back this up.

It is irresponsible for the HHS to look away when the word “divorce” appears since half the marriages of the population you serve have been victims of it.

I realize that turning any ship takes strength and time. I am hopeful you have the courage to chart a course towards a better future for us all. Please actively support equitable custody laws for the safety and health of our kids.

You have both the power and responsibility to do what is right. Protecting our children from harm should be your objective even if that harm originates from our government itself. Our founding fathers knew a system of checks and balances would make our nation strong. The judicial branch needs to be put in check. No one else is listening and children are suffering.

This is your moment to shine.

Please consider:

I appreciate your careful consideration and look forward to your response –

Patrick Glynn

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Hello Beating the Drum and other supporter in the end of PA –

I stumbled into this project on the Facebook boards: creating a media spot to end parental alienation by compiling a bunch of stories (mostly video) into one short, professional piece.

I’m both capable and willing to take this on.  That said, my schedule is becoming very tight between now and my Walk for Lost Kids in about three weeks.   It is my goal to produce the final product very quickly before I leave on the walk but I can’t guarantee it depending on our numbers.

Part of my plan will be asking for the group for some modest help.

Becky, the group leader, and I are working in unison to make this a success.  I have a lot to say about logistics and the message we convey but  I’ll keep this initial notice more concise.

Right now we simply need a show of hands for people willing to participate.  You need to have your materials submitted (how to be detailed later) by Oct 4th.  If you want to help, make sure you “like” the posting at Beating the Drum for Justice.

I look forward to spreading the word!


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Take your pick:
1. Give up the First Amendment
2. Redefine Parental Alienation
3. Support Parental Alienation

Too many Americans jump on one side of a bipolar issue with little philosophical debate. They don’t want to take the time to understand the issue.  They want to click Like and call it a day.

Well I bear some bads news: You get to pick between strict PA legislation and your first amendment rights.  Yep.  Read the fine print.  The following are some selected lines of Linda Gottlieb’s Eight Symptoms of PA:

4) Programming the child against the targeted parent by belittling, criticizing, and deprecating the targeted parent in the child’s presence.

6) Interference (including spoken) with and not being supportive of contact between the targeted parent and the child. This contact includes the telephone, text messaging, e-mailing, skype, or other methods.

9) Defying the targeted parent’s supervision (including spoken) and authority.

People have a constitutional right to speak to their kids.  This includes brainwashing if they so choose.

Is this right?  Hell no.  However, it is a constitutional right that we need to be extremely careful how we tread on.  Or maybe the government should be watching our homes to censor what we say to our kids?  Well that is what you are saying?  Aren’t you?

My 17-year old won’t do the dishes.  I call him a jerk.  Should that mean he should be taken away for his safety?

These are slippery slopes my friends and I don’t have perfect answers to end abuse everywhere.

A good first step is Annual Elective 50/50 custody in cases where there is not proof of physical abuse.  It curtails 100% abduction scenarios – the number one tool of parental alienators.

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Nope.  It’s not all about cash (although donations never hurt).  I need people to click.  Yes, click.  Up all night wondering what you can focus on beyond your divorce hell?  Well here ya go.  Some late night time wasters that will help our cause:

#1 – Start Alerting the Media
I have my own campaign but it sure can’t hurt to put a bug in their ear.  Let them know I’m in town shortly and that this is important to you. Step One: Explore the map.  Jot down the metropolitan city and the date I pass through.
Step Two: Find the corresponding TV stations, radio, newspaper, etc.
Step Three: Send a heartfelt letter asking them to cover the walk. #2 – Check Out My Legs
The entire walk is 87 legs.  Again, see the map.  Going on foot has a lot of obstacles: roads without enough space on the side to walk safely, impassable bridges, etc.  To avoid these, I’ve painstakingly followed the route via google earth for the first week or so into New Haven.

I still have most of the route to detail and I’m basically a tourist.  In the end, it’s usually pretty simple. (i.e. Route 1 to Main St to Charles Ave.).  Doesn’t sound like much now but walking 20 miles out of my way into a dead end kinda sucks.

If you opt to help here, simply use the leg number(s) in an email subject and send them to patrick@parrotworks.com.  Thanks.  I’ll try to update below to prevent duplicating effort.

#3 – Accommodations
I still need accommodations for several legs.  I don’t take up much space. #4 – Rides & Sag Wagon
Some supporters have indicated a desire to join the walk but are shying away from a five mile leg.  For some of the legs I have accommodations that don’t match the exact leg finish so I need to shuttle myself around a bit.

Sag wagon drivers are also welcome to either follow for safety and/or shuttle backpack supplies to lighten the load.

Thanks again for all your help!


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Preventing parental alienation (and other outstanding American tune-ups) will mean changing some laws.  And changing the laws means being an active participant.  Do forget to register to vote.


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Like the ending of a predictable cheap horror movie, Judge Guasco simply rubber stamped the court evalutor’s slanted recommendation to give a parental alienator full legal custody and physical custody six days of the week.

  • Tom openly admitted to repeatedly blocking visitation keeping two boys from their mother for nearly a year
  • Tom’s paid expert witness and family therapist determined mom was dangerous without ever meeting her
  • Tom testified on the stand to a history of untreated paranoia

But in all fairness, the court had a strong counterpoint: mom wasn’t always making it simple for Tom or the courts to determine how much money she had and where it was.  And for not being more candid about where her money is, the court stripped her of her kids.

There are two camps reading this blog:

  1. Those incapable of believing such a ludicrous claim; quite certain I’ve left out some important detail to skew the audience like abuse or drug use.  Nope.
  2. Those bored with this story because they’ve heard it a hundred times and they know the simple truth: this is the American family court child trafficking system and there is no justice

There is nothing I could say that could wrap up the story better than Tom’s own words:

Stay tuned for the late November trial when the court calculates Tom’s windfall in child support and sanctions; financial rewards for legalized child abduction.

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This isn’t about me and it’s not about my divorce.

It’s about thousands upon thousands of divorces needlessly destroying the lives of kids and adults alike.  Children are being used as pawns – stripped of loving parents for cash by corrupt family courts.  These are not exceptions.  They are the rules.  And lawyers siphoning helpless people makes divorce the fourth biggest cause of bankruptcy in the US.

While the issues are both heated and complex, identifying what needs to be fixed is very clear: family courts.

The problem, in fact, is so significant that people who are not even touched by divorce should be in the loop.  Watch Divorce Corp for starters.  A generation of kids are being irreversibly harmed by an aggressive government system that operates without regard to the US Constitution.

10 million kids live without a dad, 2 million live without a mom and countless more have their access limited because limited access is a cash cow in America.

I’m working to get the word out; to bring attention to a social issue that affects us all.  Most of all, I’m fighting for simple, clear legislature enforcing Annual Elective 50/50 Custody to save our kids.

On October 15th, in anticipation of the Divorce Corp Reform Conference, I will begin a 400+ mile walk from Boston to Washington DC to attract media attention to this critical topic.

Please join me.  How do you want to define your role?

  • Walk with me: I have setup this web site to candidly show most legs of my journey.  In general, each day consists of three 5 to 7 mile sessions.  Explore the start dates, times and places, pick one (or part of one) and join me.
  • Write your story: Naysayers are quick to write us off as a small, extreme group of upset divorcees.  The fact is that the vast majority of us are in awful circumstances affecting our kids while driving us into poverty.  The best way for us to convey this is to share as many stories as possible.  Share as much or as little as you like.  Be anonymous if you prefer.  But please tell us your story.  It helps the cause.
  • Sponsor Me: I do have costs and will accept sponsorship to get the word out.
  • Loan me a Couch: I’m doing this on a shoestring budget and open to overnight accommodations along the way.
  • Admin Support: I need some minor administrative support in coordinating my schedule and keeping this web site updated while the walk occurs.  Requires one hour per day for the entire month.

I will be actively blogging on this site but want this introduction to remain the home page for now.  Watch for updates through the date links to the left.

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Four television crews met me at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in Boston as I began my 30 day, 400-mile Walk for Lost Kids.

That’s exactly what occurred.  Kinda like the claims of danger or domestic abuse showered upon us in family court.  White lies win court cases and kids and cash.

I haven’t killed anyone.  Yet.  I’m just walking.






In the days leading up to today, I fielded a lot of questions.  How I’d deal with the burdens: the miles, the weight of a backpack, the fact that i’m old not a young guy.

But the truth is the hardest part has been and will continue to be simply hearing people’s stories; the ones that you won’t hear about.  Anonymous parents fearful of retaliation sending emails of thanks or writing their own stories to share privately.  The fact that the 100+ likes off each Divorce Corp share don’t really like anything.  They just want their damn kids back.  Their hands are tied.  They we’re failed by an ex-spouse and then their government.

Like most journeys, it is perfectly clear where this one will start.  But for children and parents wrongfully separated by “family” courts, it is completely unclear where it will end.

Walk.  Donate.  Tell Your Story.


Daily Archives: October 17, 2014






With several miles of rain behind me, I look forward to crossing into RI today.  And not alone.  Other walkers will be joining me; standing up to the injustice to American families.

Meanwhile, on the West coast, parental alienation experts are gathering for the ISNAF Colloquium in hopes of forging a better future for us all.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.  Wanna help?  Pester the Providence media.  I’m on my way.

– Patrick

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Excuse me a moment.  I have some important personal matters that need to be addressed.  You see..I’m in this divorce and I have to send her lawyer a W2 from two years ago.

It was missing but, since the numbers matched the final pay stub, my accountant used that to process the tax forms.  The IRS was good with it too.  It seems however, that I can not be divorced in the State of California without it.

Why?  Well, as the judge pointed out, my ex thinks I’m hiding money.  And someone claiming something in court is validity that we should be forced to go prove something.

Kinda like how Sarah had to sit on the stand and answer questions about acting in a movie in Arizona.  Sarah hasn’t acted in a movie in her life.  But this is about rights.  And our ex-spouses have the never ending right to drag us to court to harass us about whatever they choose.  It’s their right.  And it’s profitability to the attorneys doesn’t give much hope it will end.

As I head off on my walk, I wonder what absurd flaming hoop I’ll get to jump through next for someone else’s entertainment.

Daily Archives: October 20, 2014






I have dozens of jovial pictures of meeting new walkers and making new friends on the journey.  And for people stripped of their kids, there is always the desire to push that narrative forward.  To pretend everything is normal.

But the story of our walk is being written by people who have beds to offer; not spare rooms – kid’s room devoid of kids.  One day they are there.  The next day they are not.  Lost.

The only thing more horrible than an ex-spouse hell bent on removing you from your children’s lives, is a family law system that encourages the behavior with financial windfalls.

Everywhere along the route we gain walkers: RI, CT, NY, PA.  You know their stories.  Just take your own story and plug in new names.

nowhereDay 5: Sarah, Sylvia and Kurt join the walk in the Middle of Nowhere..Diner

Like most days, there is much more to say than I have time to express.  Watch for photos, philosophies and updates very shortly.

Meanwhile, I’m off to…you guessed it…walk.

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dinerA sunny day but these aren’t tans: pink neon diner lights.

Connecticut was pounding on the door of their government reps well before I crossed the border four days ago — thanks to groups like Eye on Connecticut.  So it’s no wonder we have a lot of walkers; people willing to invest a bit of time in a cause since..well..they don’t have their kids.


I’m hopeful that smaller states like Connecticut can implement family court reform more quickly modeling for other states.  Lots more walkers, links and hope in general before leaving CT.  Will keep you posted between “legs”.  Never too late to join!  150 miles down.  250+ to go.  Bring it.

bridge_new_havenCrossing bridge into New Haven. Guess I don’t smile as much after a 18 mile day 🙁

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DAY 14: 75,000 LOST KIDS



The handful of devastated parents I met in Connecticut helped validate our cause.  You don’t need to go far to find someone forcible separated from their children by the courts because the practice is commonplace.

Law makers can spin their wheels for as long as they like acquiring real data.  In the meantime, everyday more kids are having their parents whisked away.

Teen pregnancy, suicides, alcoholism…just the next step in these children’s lives as they ramble through life searching for meaning.  Why did that loving parent leave me?  They didn’t.  They were stripped away.

You need to learn to walk before you can run, New York.  Leg 15A departs tomorrow at 9:30 am, 106 W 120th St.

Daily Archives: October 30, 2014






What needs to be done will always be a hot topic since so much needs to be done.

  • Better marital and post-marital mediation?
  • Eliminating reform bottlenecks like Helene Weinstein?
  • Joining forces?

Whatever your take, doing something clearly trumps doing nothing.

And when you’re not quite sure what to do…walk.

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Nothing could be more tragic than losing a child to death.  Right?

Child Alienated
Against Parent
Sympathy for Parent High Negligible
Support for Parent High Negligible
Abuse by Courts Never Until children leave college
Parent Attacked by Spouse No Forever
Long-Term Outcome
Childless Watching a child you love
endlessly learn to hate
you while simultaneously

And people wonder why people shoot themselves or go ballistic in the courtrooms.

Hell isn’t Halloween.  It’s sitting through the entire holiday season being told by an ex-spouse and dysfunctional court system that you don’t deserve your children while the world parties on like you don’t exist.

Daily Archives: November 2, 2014






There are always two sides of every story.  Except in parental alienation where the other side is eliminated.

I’m certain this weekend will fall under scrutiny.  After all, it is mycustody weekend.  And I missed an opportunity to be with my daughters.

Granted, when I do text them, there’s only a slim shot they even say anything in return.  I could spin on why this occurs or whether my communication is blocked.  Or simply move on with my life.  A life where my own kids see me as an optional person in their lives.  A long lost cousin.

Sometimes I think about the families around the kitchen table during the civil war.  The insane fathers who told their kids they were being left behind so they could go kill people (sometimes their brothers) for an ideal: that complete strangers should be free.


I will always love you more than you know

– Dad

Daily Archives: November 3, 2014





cycling_squareBill Koellner, my most recent walk supporter, tries to gain media exposure by riding 758 miles in 2008 with Cycling 4 Children.

While we’d like to believe parental alienation and the need for court reform are fresh new issues, the scary truth is we’ve been stuck in a loop for a long time.  Go to Washington, rattle some cages, pray something changes.

Meanwhile, smart, compassionate parents are endlessly stuck in their own cycles; unable to escape family courts and punished with financial and court harassment for years on end.  Reasonable, solution-based people eventually realize their limited options at getting out of the abusive never-ending spiral:

  • Homicide
  • Suicide
  • Walking away from their own kids (which won’t stop the court harassment)
  • Fighting in court against their will, while being financially drained with little hope since the system is slanted
  • Accepting — in most instances — at least a decade of abuse while the kids are minors with little to no understanding from their peers

This is not over-dramatization.  It is life for people who were pulled into the divorce process; many against their wills.

Daily Archives: November 8, 2014





As long as divorce reform and parental alienation are seen as problems of those silly divorcing parents, kids will continue to be lost with little fanfare.

The key to saving lost kids is to clearly show the general population that this is an issue that concerns us all.

Shared parenting laws that protect a child’s right to equal access to their parents will reduce:

  • Teen pregnancy
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Suicides

Stop sharing your links to other alienated parents.  Send this one to the world.  It’s time for the world to wake up.

Lost kids isn’t a divorce issue.  It’s an American issue.

photo (26)Thanks Della! And Lisa and Larry and anyone I forgot

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One of the keys to the democratic process is simply having the ability to reach the masses with our cause; to dispel the myth that we’re a handful of complaining divorced people.  There’s a bigger picture – corruption on a grand scale at the expense of American families.


The white noise produced by our media machines wants you to believe that one black bear’s death is worthy of front page status and that the everyday practice of paying judges for child abductionis not.

Meanwhile, those that speak out against these judges are quickly silenced by a short 18 months in prison.  (Great video, Joe!)

signs_prisonRichard Fine is imprisoned for 18 months for revealing LA Court judges were taking bribes

So where are the people tasked with enforcing our laws?  They are hard at work ensuring people stay in line.  Like Debbie, driving from Colorado to Washington DC with a forty foot banner passionately ready to join the walk and rally this Friday.

Sorry Debbie.  Turns out we don’t have the proper permit to display your banner at the US Capitol.


Your banner is a threat.  But bribed judges destroying families with no accountability are not.

When enough people start to question these obvious inconsistencies, reform will happen quickly.  Or maybe they’ll just continue to fight signs instead of injustice and we can all go back to reading about a dead bear.

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imageAfter walking 30 days and 400 miles to arrive at the Divorce Corp Reform Conference, I had hoped to take a day of “rest” by sitting through dozens of traumatic divorce stories.

But, alas, the work is never done.

This Facebook posting is highly disturbing on a number of levels.

The ISNAF comprises several of the gurus of parental alienation. That is, they have decades of experience with the clinical psychology.  This group has made great headway in helping the divorce reform movement.

And while, in the right hands, proper co-parenting can help divorcing families, on a whole the entire co-parenting campaign is little more than a smoke screen for judges, attorneys and alienating parents to keep the media away from the core story: their corrupt income stream.

Steve Miller, a key member of ISNAF, pleads with reps in CT to understand that in severe cases, parental alienators WILL NEVER CO-PARENT.

“I defy you to find a clinical psychologist who thinks they can work with (a severe alienator).”

So a psychologist can’t work with these people, but a glossy pamphlet on co-parenting will help them see the light?

And since we should be focused on the severe cases, since they are stealing our kids, can we please back burner the pitiful campaign to tell us to go co-parent with people who don’t need to because they can simply pay the courts to get their way.  If you are gonna waste your time on any self help solution, at least pick parallel parenting.

I can tell you first hand, like few others, how many hundreds of burned out city blocks I’ve walked where there is no hope; just despair. And the only sign of anything new in a five mile radius, is bright shiny ads telling people to go be a dad.


No one bothers to ask the simple question: “Who eliminated dad in the first place?”

So one arm of the government removes the dad and the other arm wags it’s finger criticizing dad for not being around.

Hearing this message from our corrupt government doesn’t surprise me in the least.  What surprises me is how easily the ISNAF got behind a campaign to knock divorce reform back to the ice ages.

I’m beginning to lose faith in the ISNAF.  Reign it in and prove me wrong. Please.

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walk_us_capitolAt the US Capitol with Sherry Palmer, sponsor and leader is family court reform I’m still buried between gathering my thoughts on the 400-mile journey, sorting my notes on the reform conference, and thinking through next steps (pun intended).  For now, here’s my speech from the US Capitol in case the cold scared you away.

This is not the end of the journey, it is only the beginning.

Getting divorced is humiliating.
Being driven into poverty by the courts and selfish ex-spouses is humiliating.
Having your kids taken from you is humiliating.

It is this very humiliation that has allowed so much corruption in family courts to blossom.

But there’s a new check and balance system coming to power; it’s the hundreds of people that supported the Walk for Lost Kids and this rally that provide merely a glimpse into the epidemic. And –mark my words — this is an epidemic affecting thousands upon thousands of children.

As long as our voices are silenced by the corrupt cash cow called family court, it will continue to feed on our kids with unchecked power. We stand here today to declare those days are numbered.

You’ll hear a lot in the coming days about divorce reform and parental alienation but the conversation that trumps them all is not statements of anger or fear; it’s statements of love.

We love our kids.

What the courts are doing to remove loving parents from our children’s lives is unconstitutional, illegal but most of all – it’s just plain unethical.

What kind of people remove a loving parent from a child’s life? and
What kind of government puts a financial incentive in place to encourage the practice?

There is not a single more destructive thing you could do to a child’s life than remove a loving parent.

While illustrating the magnitude of the problem is critical to our success in achieving real reform so is each of our individual accomplishments.

This is merely one battle in a long war and we need the myriad of skills this group brings to the table.

Whether it’s Joe Sorge hitting the media with powerful videos or
Sherry and Ron Palmer from Fix Family Courts writing books and instructional videos to help parents win their children back or
Sarah from Say It Smart tirelessly bringing the story of our walk to the press.

I encourage each of you to take the next step to find where you fit in to this historical moment: where losing your kids becomes a thing of the past.

And for those of you that don’t know where you fit – that want to cry out “this is wrong” but still haven’t found an outlet for your frustration..well..we walk.

Watch for announcements shortly for the next Walk for Lost Kids in Spring of 2015.

We will not stop walking until we get the changes we need: Changes to save our kids.


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There is a movement to spread awareness on parental alienation (PA) today as part of Stop Parental Alienation Day. The request is to simply educate one person about PA.

I have specialized in education for two decades and I must admit that conveying the concepts of parental alienation and divorce reform the most challenging topics in my career. Breaking the barrier of getting someone outside divorce to talk about and understand divorce alone is a major feat. When you add the complexity of PA and the courts, people understandably glaze over.

Recently I made some progress in knocking down this content into something short and digestible for the masses. It is far from perfect but I feel it helps people convey what is occurring.  Have a look:  Getting the word out is a step in the right direction and I don’t want to convey you should be using a video as a crutch. That said, maybe my version can assist you in constructing your own story so that it makes sense to your audience.

With the holidays on tap, many victims of PA will struggle with depression and all our efforts together — no matter how insignificant they may seem — really do add up.

Change is in the wind. I thank you all in advance for your contributions in making the world a better place.

Feel free to send constructive input for future videos. Education plays a big part in keeping PA in check.


– Patrick

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Most walls are simply built of intimidation.

People find a child behind a false wall and suddenly there’s the idea that maybe this child is trapped against his will.  What people don’t understand is that this practice is commonplace.  It’s only people who build walls that get arrested.

Children are kept from parents in violation of court orders every day.  It goes unnoticed and unpunished.

My partner’s daughter gets locked in her room by the step-parent and told she can’t leave until she says her mom is bad.

#1 – Since she’s only ten, she has no reason to believe this treatment isn’t normal; especially in light of the fact that dad permits it.

#2 – Like the boy in the story above, there are no signs for friends and neighbors.  Her dad’s a “nice guy”.  Most sociopaths are.

#3 – Abductions like this pay handsomely and savvy step-parents can cash in by being an involved parent when there’s money to be made and vanishing when the real parent gets caught

You don’t need a false wall to have a sign of wrong doing.  You only need a child that is not seeing the other parent.  Period.

Next time you meet a child who is not seeing a parent, I guarantee there’s a wall somewhere.  And sometimes the child’s best hope of escape is a passing stranger smart enough to ask hard questions.

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Please excuse the lapse in blogging.  Like the rest of you, the holidays are a wild roller coaster of emotional baggage from yesteryears.


‘Twas memories of Christmas, before the ex-spouse
Now the courts are a trap and I am the mouse;
The stockings still boxed because I really don’t care,
I know on that day, no kids will be there;
The children all nestled and snug in their beds;
Are long ago visions in only my head;
And you in your misery, and I, an old sap,
May survive the season if we only could nap,
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
PTSD! What’s the matter?!
Away to the window to unravel the caper:
The police? Child services? Served family court papers?
The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow,
Daring me to jump and just end it below,
When what to my wondering eyes did appear,
But some signs of a shift; tiny cracks in the mirror.
With news of some wins bringing something to cope,
I knew in a moment there must be some hope.
More rapid than eagles the updates they came,
And I rejoiced in the moment that I was really sane:
Divorce CorpNPO!
Fix Family Courts – a good showing!
Alienation gurus!
North Dakota keep it going!
Postings to YouTube! To the Facebook walls!
Like and share, like and share, like and share all.
One of these damn things in the media WILL fly!
And we WILL see some changes before we all die!
So push up the numbers of voices for change
In text, video – whatever we can arrange
Demonstrations by roadways; hell – get on the roof
With enough of us howling; maybe they’ll see the plain proof
“Our kids have been taken!”  — This isn’t a drill.
Take the word to the streets and to Capitol Hill.
When you’ve flooded your laptop then start out on foot,
Crush tarnished judges.  The system’s kaput!
The bundles of booty from all their kickbacks,
Need to be exposed.  It is time to attack!
And while judges and attorneys use our cash getting merry
We’ll pull back the veil to make their coming year scary.
We’ll pass swift laws to make kids free to go,
Not to be abused pawns thrown about to and fro.
We’ll flood the media with stories that have real teeth,
That will draw out hard questions – the inquisitions beneath.
We’ll soon rid this world of premature kid goodbyes,
A shakeup to replace court orders full of lies.
Where judges got plump, on the cash that we earned,
We’ll laugh that fine day when we watch them get burned.
Cause when we have enough ears on the twists being said,
Soon their family court games will be nothing but dead. Yes.  December will suck. We will sulk.  We will work,
As we figure our roles in exposing these jerks,
But in the next year, as the media swell grows,
Let’s say by next Christmas we’ll smell sweet as a rose!
And the Grinches that slayed us have had people blow whistles,
As they lose their carte blanc.  We’ve diffused all their missiles. Peace and love to the kidless.
Soon things will be set right.
Happy Christmas to all, never give up the fight!

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The State of CA family court is forcing Sarah, a mother of three, with a difficult choice: pay for child abduction or go to prison.

Publicized divorce cases tend to have grey areas.  Not this one.  Both the facts and Sarah’s choices are crystal clear.

Sarah is being threatened with imprisonment by the State of California for not paying her ex, Tom DeMelfi, tens of thousands of dollars for the service of having her children abducted by Tom.

Points that are not debated:

  1. Tom has stated he will do anything to have the children removed from their mother (recorded and provided to family court)
  2. Tom broke court orders on hundreds of occasions to prevent the children from seeing their mother.  He admitted this under oath during their trial.  During some stretches she was completely blocked from her kids for nearly a year.
  3. The State of CA (Judge Guasco) has determined that for the years that Tom illegally kept the kids, he should be paid retroactive child support.

There is absolutely nothing in Sarah’s history to indicate she should not have her children.

After the state rejected Sarah’s reasonable request of 50/50 custody, she was reduced to mere Sundays for visitations — a term any mother would recoil at.

Quickly Tom was able to obtain a frivolous court order essentially claiming Sarah was “calling names” to force her into the courtroom. Tom swiftly leveraged the scenario to completely block the children from their mother regaining his 100% custody.  Tom has also returned to his practice of blocking communication with the kids by phone.

We live in a police state.  People can purchase aggressive laws against average unsuspecting people and, like Hilter, if no one questions their authority, people will continue to be viciously imprisoned until enough people stand up for reform.


Despite clearly stating my First Amendment rights, I was recently court ordered to remove my divorce proceedings from the Walk for Lost Kids website because the content is deemed harmful to my children.  Nothing has been removed or censored to date.


The site has also been used as evidence that Sarah should pay sanctions in her case despite the fact she is not responsible for any of its content.

Like others fighting the cause, we both continue to be fined, dragged into court and harassed for speaking out against the corruption in the family court system.

Keep the faith.

– Patrick

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APRIL 15, 2015 1 COMMENT

The dysfunctional family court system and a generation of parents willing to minimize or remove the other parent from a child’s life have created a toxic world where:

  • Children are stripped of loving parents
  • Nurturing parents are helpless to get reasonable custody of their children (some blocked entirely)
  • Lawyers, judges and states have unchecked power to drain the financial resources of families for their own agendas commonly to the point of driving both sides into bankruptcy

This system is beyond unjust — it’s flat out unethical.  And these aren’t exceptions.  This is a nationwide epidemic.

Patrick Glynn continues his quest to bring light to the need for immediate family court reform with his second Walk for Lost Kids; this time in California.

California lead the nation with the non-default divorce back in 1969 but lags far behind 18 other states that have recently begun legislation to reform the sadly archaic divorce systems.

You are invited to participate either by directly joining the walk or through participating in the on-going battle to make real changes in the state.

Last October and November, Patrick walked from Boston, MA to Washington DC in anticipation of the Divorce Corp Reform Conference.  Dozens of parents joined him; the majority of which had divorce scenarios where they had been completely removed from their children’s lives.

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MAY 5, 2015 3 COMMENTS


The pass few days have been horribly challenging: blisters, too much sun and a day lost to filing bureaucratic family court forms to simply survive being “in the system”.

The bulk of the next two weeks will be down Route 1; miles from anyone or anything.

Parental alienation and slanted court custody scenarios are about one thing: power.  And the victims are made to believe they are powerless, worthless and alone.

Unlike many causes, simply speaking against the corruption could result is further reductions in custody, financial sanctions or the wrath of abusive exes getting their high off the system.

But here’s the thing: We aren’t alone.

We are hidden in the shadows in great numbers with a common story.  Many fearful of speaking out.  Many simply too crushed to speak on their own behalf.  And that all needs to end.

I’m headed south towards Monterey.  Today I’ll be alone again.

Except I’m not.


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MAY 15, 2015 1 COMMENT


The rugged California coast took a toll on my feet so I took a couple days to recoup and sift through inboxes of people urging me on: homeless, suicidal, desperate for access to their kids.

Our mission: reform the courts. Most parents pressing on in selfless observation that accomplishing that goal will likely never save their own kids. They’re already in the loss column. They are searching for ways to fix the system quite aware that their every move can be swiftly beaten against them in family court: a place where power has no limitations.

And so the cycle continues. A group of fighters banned in a David vs Goliath battle take on family courts at a grassroots level hoping to be the first generation to gain something for having the audacity to speak out. Praying they aren’t merely an ugly statistic; nameless corpses on the front line.

Together we wage the battle for kids wrongfully stripped of their parents.

Tomorrow I return to the walk; blistered but unbeaten. Something needs to change in this state. Hopefully people in the media will start recognizing the magnitude of the problem: the state is wrongly stripping parents from children.

The media has the power — and responsibility — to help us move towards change. Much more power than names chiseled into stone slabs which never quite tell the whole story: a generation willing to drive people to their graves by destroying their families because it makes someone somewhere wealthy.

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ventura_headerWhen parents gathered at the State Capitol last April to rally against parental alienation, the tipping point had finally been reached in California.

While states like Utah have legislated shared parenting, California has lagged on the issue even in the face of mounting evidence that it is better for parents and children alike.

As both parental alienation and the need to reform the family court system gather steam in the media, Californians have finally joined the fray.  So far over 100 demonstrators are expected in Sacramento on June 19th and a second group is gathering at the Chatworth courthouse.

As the second Walk for Lost Kids concludes in Los Angeles, it is clear this is not the end of the journey for California; it’s just the beginning.

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JUNE 19, 2015


Scheduled June 19 Rallies

Washington D.C.
https://www.facebook.com/events/1654345884784781/ Alaska 
https://www.facebook.com/events/844766738910823/ Arkansas 
https://www.facebook.com/events/624887614279649/ Arizona 
https://www.facebook.com/events/701097190000121/ California – Sacramento
https://www.facebook.com/events/1442611029356056/ California – Los Angeles


https://www.facebook.com/events/874404469284869/ Georgia
https://www.facebook.com/events/387934498080693/ Idaho
https://www.facebook.com/events/1605298906354083/ Indiana
https://www.facebook.com/events/1633737780180756/ Louisiana
https://www.facebook.com/events/822504451158242/ Maryland
https://www.facebook.com/events/486997664787156/ Massachusetts
https://www.facebook.com/events/1492576314361556/ Minnesota
https://www.facebook.com/events/1375043712795629/ Missouri
https://www.facebook.com/events/1609214386031811/ New Jersey
https://www.facebook.com/events/1590537267832892/ New Mexico
https://www.facebook.com/events/1582275785393483/ New York
https://www.facebook.com/FatherlessNewYork… North Carolina
https://www.facebook.com/events/844451972283796/ Ohio
https://www.facebook.com/events/661825563951562/ Oklahoma
https://www.facebook.com/events/1447612375529839/ South Carolina
https://www.facebook.com/events/588500291284498/ Texas
https://www.facebook.com/events/775516992494877/ Utah
https://www.facebook.com/events/787789338006504/ Virginia
https://www.facebook.com/events/1665273240359098/ Washington
https://www.facebook.com/events/804664999625090/ Wisconsin
https://www.facebook.com/events/330857227079061/ Ontario 

Support the Father’s Rights Movement by changing your
Facebook profile photo to the following image.  Thanks.fatherlessday

Note to Rally Organizers: Please post video coverage of rallies to youtube and email links to walkforlostkids@gmail.com. I will do my best to compile all video coverage I receive.

March for Awareness

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Anyone with basic life skills would agree we should set goals and then go achieve them. Non-custodial parents no longer have this luxury for a number of reasons:

#1 We Can’t Control Our Income

Anything, at any moment, can be brought to court by our exes to wreak havoc on financial planning.  No need to belabor this point.

#2 We Can’t Control Custody

Abusive exes use custody as a means of control.

Most obvious: Blocking custody

A court ordered custody schedule is nearly meaningless while police officers continually refuse to get involved.  So while other families jovially plan their holidays, divorced couples frequently avoid the topic merely hoping the kids will actually arrive.

In addition to the heartbreak, there are financial risks in making any plans when you are blocked from your kids.

It is not uncommon for victims of parental alienation to spend thousands in plane tickets and hotel reservations in anticipation of their childrens’ arrival to simply be denied visitation altogether.

Divorce savvy parents simply stop making plans that can not be changed or cancelled last minute.

Last winter we made summer plans in anticipation of having our kids. Tom predictably blocked them again but we were able to get full refunds for our cancellations.

Less obvious: Control of giving you the kids

Narcissists need to believe you are serving their needs.  So at some random time, when you least expect it, some are willing to allow you to act as their babysitters with little to no notice.  When the custody schedule they boldly fought for in court suddenly becomes inconvenient, they occasionally reach out – allowing you to cover the kids under their terms; sometimes under supervision.  It’s all about control.

Unfortunately, many parents are pulled into this trap “for the benefit of the kids”; taking the abusive manipulation as the only means to have access to their kids.  This mindset also makes it impossible to make your own plans as you serve the needs of the narcissistic ex.

Parents dealing with sporadic, alienating exes don’t have the luxury of planning for the arrival of their kids.  Life is on the fly: not because they lack the skills to plan — they lack the control in their lives.

#3 We Can’t Control Where We Live

Our choice of living situation has great bearing on our custody, child support arrangements and access to our kids.  We are no longer “free”.

#4 The List Goes On

For anyone behind in child support (again, recalling that child support has little correlation to supporting kids), the efficient child support collection machine can and will impose any of the following to insure compliance:

  • Drain your bank account(s)
  • Seize your assets, including the home you live in
  • Take your driver’s license
  • Take your passport
  • Take credentials like doctor’s license

Non-custodial parents aren’t free.  They are slaves trapped in the system. And if there was any hope, it would be having the ability to sit down and plan a future for themselves.  With minimal control of their income, home and banking, it is no wonder that so many simply become to defeated to get off the couch.

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Thank you are for your kind words and on-going support.  I am hopeful my daughters will not be long-term statistics in this ugly war.

I look forward to the day when parental alienation is curtailed by the only force strong enough to take it on: public outrage.  If a child is physically assaulted in a public park, people would not just stand there.  Yet the abuse alienated children take is just as traumatic.

This isn’t a government thing or a court thing.  It’s a community thing.  We as an American community need to recognize PA and let people blocking children from parents know: “this is not okay”.

I am optimistic that the message of shared parenting and ending PA remain strong in the media eye.  Thanks for your help in promoting that cause.

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kermitSeems Miss Piggy isn’t happy about new stories of Kermit’s new heartthrob going viral.  And when angry pigs with money want to spend it to seek revenge, family court lawyers are willing to take it. Miss Piggy has made claims that Kermit is the father of their only child, Gotcha.

Here’s where it gets really strange.  No one has ever seen Gotcha in public.  Miss Piggy has allegedly been protecting their child from the media frenzy and paparazzi by keeping her at an undisclosed location.

Yesterday, Judge Allsfair stated he would accept the child’s photograph as evidence that the child existed and that a court appointed paternity expert would be brought in to insure that the paternity testing will occur without threatening the child’s safety.

“While this case is unusual, one thing is not: The courts will do what is in the best interest of the child.”

Judge Allsfair also issued a restraining order preventing Kermit from approaching either Gotcha or Miss Piggy.

Kermit was not available for comment.


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This weekend dozens of Family Court Reform protesters are scheduled to descend on the Superbowl arena in the desperate hope that someone in the media will give them a snippet of air time.

Their desperation comes from the reality that their situation isn’t mainstream enough to gain media attention. Their children have been abducted and held for ransom; some by people who are physically and sexually abusing them. Doesn’t make for great press though. And so their chances are slim.

So the powers-that-be make sure protesters have a predesignated area to safely do their thing without disrupting the clean, happy picture of people enjoying sunshine while watching football. All is well. Or so it would seem if you do nothing but watch television.

So we’ll just continue our day-to-day struggle to save our children from harm; harm from a government paid to remove parents from children’s lives.

Enjoy the game.

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change_world_headerOn rare occasions, my hobby of designing t-shirts intersects with the world of Family Court Reform.  The stars have just aligned.

The Shirtwoot Derby is my common stomping ground for entering weekly t-shirt design contests.  Each week has a theme.  This week’s theme is “obscure calendar events”.

It seems only fitting to get some much-needed attention to Parental Alienation Awareness Day – April 25th.

Truth in advertising
It is not my intention to make a dime on this endeavor for anyone.  That said, to have an active voting account at shirt.woot, you must have made a purchase on their site.

First of all, the Woot online contests are completely open to the public and free.

Step 1 – Design Shirt(s)

shirtcolors2015If you are interested in designing your own shirt(s) (any skill level will do), you can start immediately.  You need a 602×602 pixel version with a t-shirt in it and a thumbnail version at 186×186.  Here’s the tee colors you can use.




Step 2

Anytime after Thursday at noon Central time you can submit your entry.  I’m looking to flood the place with April 25th entries.  I have asked a few other seasoned artists to join the fray.

Step 3

Vote for all the entries (or just your favorites) for Parental Alienation Awareness Day.  As pointed out above, you have to have made a single prior purchase to vote.

I will post more information on voting on Thursday for the masses.

Step 4

Voting ends Monday, Feb 22nd at noon CST.  Winning entries win some cash and go to print.  Sometimes entries beyond the top three also go to print.

If you have an interest in submitting an entry and need any help, I am willing to help (via email) including preparing your files for submission the evening of Thursday, Feb 18th.  Email me directly at walkforlostkids@gmail.com.

Again, the overall objective here is just to build awareness.  Shirts that go to print at Woot often sell in the thousands.  There is very high traffic to bring the world our message that we need change.

Thanks for your consideration.


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change_world_voteIn the years you’ve lost fighting Parental Alienation you’ve come across more than one t-shirt.  This one’s a little different.  Let me explain why.

http://shirt.woot.com/ sells shirts.  A lot of shirts.  But just as important is the traffic.  They get about 750,000 visits per day.  One of their on-going gimmicks is an online design contest at: http://shirt.woot.com/derby.  The winning shirts normally hang around several weeks gaining sales, and for us just as importantly — eyes.

To be in the derby is free but the design much match their theme.  Today’s theme is obscure calendar holidays.

April 25th – Parental Alienation Awareness Day!

Whether my design or another artist’s PA design wins matters not to me.  This is a marketing endeavor and the world needs to see this is important.

Please vote.  I will work to keep this page updated with any artist that submits a PA Awareness Day shirt.

  1. Here’s mine.
  2. And Michael’s

Voting ends on Monday at noon CST.

Truth in advertising
It is not my intention to make a dime on this endeavor for anyone. That said, to have an active voting account at shirt.woot, you must have made a purchase on their site.  If I win, I’ll donate winnings by purchasing shirts for mass distribution.

Thanks for taking part.

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jym_headerMy daughters are active participants in Joint Youth Ministry.  I have a lot to do with their participation.  Their older sister was involved for many years which I encouraged.  The program provided a much needed escape for her at critical teenage years.

Lisa Jacobs’ boundless energy continues to be a driving source for the program’s success.

It is with deepest regrets that I must inform you that the program has a major flaw: it abuses children.  I know off hand that seems like a bold statement.  It is also a true one.

You see, Joint Youth Ministry is on a quest to help children in need.  So its success is tied to identifying children in need.  That is exactly the type of scenario a parental alienator needs to spin their magic.

Parental alienators will stop at nothing to forcibly remove the other parent from a child’s life.  That includes telling JYM staff whatever is necessary to coax them into helping strip the other parent away with unsubstantiated stories of abuse or neglect.

Here are some the key problems that need to be resolved at JYM from my perspective:

#1 JYM isn’t interested in the Truth

If someone walks into JYM and spins a story of woe – especially one where children are at risk – there is little done to substantiate the facts.  The knee jerk reaction is to protect the kids.

Not all scary stories of threatening parents are true.  Following one side of a marital conflict is a recipe for disaster.

#2 JYM doesn’t understand or recognize Parental Alienation

This is common.  Society in general is just beginning to understand parental alienation.  One of the most difficult concepts to grasp is that children naturally cling to and validate their abuser.

There is some decent videos if you would like a bit more info on parental alienation, the courts, and how this is counterintuitive:

#3 JYM will actively participate in divorces

Years ago I showed up at my ex’s house for a planned visitation.  I simply knocked on the front door.  My ex’s reaction was to call the police.  I calmly sat on the doorstep and waited for the police to arrive, explained the situation and when they recommended I get a court order, I left.  The hysteria behind the event was generated by my ex.

During the event, my ex put someone at JYM on the phone with my daughter to pray with her because “she was scared that I had arrived”.  JYM came to the rescue and became intimately involved in a divorce they knew nothing about.

Later in the case, JYM provided onsite babysitting for my ex at the divorce courthouse showing their support for her side.  These types of interactions are subtle forms of parental alienation and build cases in the kids’ minds that the other parent must be in the wrong.

#4 JYM isn’t Honoring Thy Father

Regardless of what my ex and our broken Family Courts say, JYM should be accountable to the word of God.  This is the main reason I have not been an active participant in organized religion since I was young: hypocrisy.

  • I am a loving, nurturing parent
  • I have no criminal record
  • I don’t abuse drugs or alcohol
  • I have no history of any type of abuse to anyone

Due to my ex, a broken Family Court system and Joint Youth Ministry, I have been completely, forcibly removed from my children for the next three years of their lives.  The scenario is unethical, Unconstitutional and abusive to both my children and myself.

Several men in prison on felonies currently have more access to their kids than I do.

Our situation would be comical if it weren’t so tragic.

JYM hopes to feed the homeless.  Yet they support a divorce system that eliminate fathers while driving them into homelessness.

Lisa Jacobs avoids my emails because it allows her to believe the only side of the story she wants to hear; the one that makes JYM heroic in saving my kids from an abusive parent.

“I’d rather stand alone speaking for truth and justice than stand silent in a crowd”

Thanks for taking the time to understand my case.  Please follow and participate in Shared Parenting initiatives.  They will help save thousands of children from the fate of mine: complete removal of a loving parent.

Watch for April 25th Events: Parental Alienation Awareness Day.

One of the leading indices in predicting the healthy development of our children is simple loving affection from their father.  By law, my children aren’t permitted to hug their father for the next three years of their life.  I can either wait three years or drive myself broke waging an endless war in a corrupt, broken court system.

I am hopeful that JYM reviews their policy regarding blocking me from my kids in violation to God’s word.



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MARCH 29, 2016 1 COMMENT

Hi. My name is Patrick Glynn. Over the past year and a half, I’ve done two Walks for Lost Kids – over 1,000 miles in total to help bring awareness to parental alienation and the need for Family Court reform.

Dozens of people have joined me along the way sharing their personal stories. Many have been completely alienated from their children.

While on my walks, I’ve amassed a library of videos trying to clearly explain to the people in your lives that you – in fact – are not insane. The system is insane, unethical, Unconstitutional and just plain inhumane.

While awareness of these problems is at an all-time high, we are still just scratching the surface on the changes that need to occur to protect adults and children alike from the abuses of Family Court. A few states have made some modest ground in preventing the complete elimination of a parent. We’ll take small victories as they occur.

But at this moment in time, our greatest task is simply continuing to build awareness. The humiliation of being stripped of our kids, called deadbeats and/or driven into poverty to simply “be parents” keeps the majority of us silent; hoping for a change.

But hoping is never enough. It is our relentless, in-your-face movement that the courts fear the most. It is evident in their attempts to exert their unchecked power in silencing us or sanctioning us for simply coming to the public with the truth: the American Family Courts are both illegal and abusive.

April 25th, Parental Alienation Awareness Day is upon us once again. And in anticipation, I have planned my third Walk for Lost Kids starting in San Jose and ending in San Francisco the week before April 25th.

Most of the walk is short 2 to 3 mile segments. Either signup online to JOIN THE WALK download the timetable and show up.

The Family Courts are counting on the fact that they have us too intimidated to speak up. But when enough of us gather to force the world to hear our collective voice, change will come rapidly.

Please join the walk and reunite a generation of children who have been forcibly stripped of loving parents.

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imageBoth California and America have seen better days.

Hundreds upon hundreds of people show up on the Capitol steps to voice their first amendment rights against political corruption and are hauled off with little media exposure.

The Federal government has become so dysfunctional, it offers $2.5 million in reward money for ending debtor prisons while simultaneously paying the State of California $200 million in Title IV-D incentives to eliminate parents and drive them into poverty.

The Commission on Judicial Performance can’t be bothered to look at evidence that may make their backroom buddies look bad.  You think this article threatens them?  Think again.

While the odds seem horribly stacked again the family court reform here is a sleeper cell that can change the odds at any moment.  The number of good people in the system far outweigh the number of bad ones.  The only question is whether the good people in the system stand up for what is right or look the other way.

People on the outside making lots of noise walking about may be just the jump start the family court reform movement needs.  It may bring real Shared Parenting initiatives to California; a state that used to lead legislative reform instead of sleeping at the wheel.

It may be you — reader of this simple blog posting — are the one to tip the scales.  To take the march from 99 to 100.  To bring the media attention of the state, the country, the world.

Wait or act.  The choice is yours.

Peace –


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WY – Event Website

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oct2016ver02Click to open image.  Then use Ctrl and plus (+) or minus (-) to zoom in and out.




Before I delve into ABC 10 coverage, AB2354 and family court reform status, I need to make a very important point: This is a war.  Men, women and children are literally dying at the hands of Unconstitutional, unethical family court proceedings. Millions of families and children are effected.  I use whatever tools I have at my disposal to implement change.

That said, my strategies harshly target the media itself when it falls silent on critical issues.  Both ABC and Lilia Luciano are a key force in breaking the media silence.  When they speak out, they are heros.  When they remain dormant, they are the enemy.  I’d apologize but it comes with the territory.  Stand up for mankind (yes…women too).

Number One – Thanks

Thank you for putting Lilia Luciano back on this issue.  I do not pretend to have insight into how ABC prioritizes news issues.  However, I am appreciative of media who recognize how critical this story is.

Number Two – Title IV

AB2354 sounds juicy since it’s local.  That said, the story of killing Title IV is hot.  The highest levels of government are meeting next month to discuss Title IV.  You’ll look silly if you are not up on this.  If Title IV is reformed, shared parenting laws will sweep the nation overnight.

Number Three – Philosophy

Ultimately, the goal should be to minimize government interference in our lives.  On the surface, many laws seem to make sense by punishing bad behavior.   However, every law we add to the family court books creates yet another need for attorneys in order for us to get justice.  Attorneys are the main reason we have injustice.  Two elements would drastically improve family court proceedings:

1. Minimize family court – Do whatever it takes to reduce everything from procedures to rules & regulations from the normal flow of divorce.

2. Anytime crimes are committed kick them into criminal courtrooms.  True abusers will be punished as they should be.

Number Four – AB2354 Points

Court Reporters Required

On the surface, this sounds like a win.  I have had plenty of reporters who sit in the room but are not recording what is said verbatim.  They take cliff notes.  I hate to be pessimistic but this is the type of loop holes family court loves.  We have someone in the room, therefore we’re covered.  Families need word for word recordings of what occurs for their PROTECTION from the courts themselves.  In this day and age, it should be a no brainer to digitally record all court proceedings and make that available.  This would obviously much cheaper than manning rooms.  So why isn’t the solution?  Simple.  People in the process allow for criminal changing of transcriptions.

Safety Standard over Best Interest of Child

From my reading of the laws online, this is NOT true.

  • The best interest of the child is still the over arching description within family code.
  • Neither AB2354 nor HR113 contain code to override Best Interest of the Child

I suspect ABC was given this information but it is inaccurate. Basically, someone in the pipeline lied.

Trauma-informed Court Employees

I will take the time to pick apart this line apart in depth but it is extremely weak:

“That all court-related professionals should be trauma-informed and trained in recognizing, evaluating, and understanding evidence and the impacts of domestic violence and child abuse“

Informed can merely mean they know trauma exists.  The trained line pertains to “evidence”.

Bottomline: Not much happened here.  Smoke and mirrors.

I remain hopeful that Lilia and ABC are back for good.  Not merely to cover this story.  Here’s hoping.




If there is any time to act, IT IS NOW. Media is swarming for stories of children and families being abused.  Let’s get them focused on the American stories.


1. Make or Print a Banner (or Title D Version)

2. Attend one of the June 30th Families Belong Together Events





no_imm_jpegMany of us are struggling with the media competition of immigration child abuse stories. We are outraged at the focus in light of decades of silence on family court matters.

We have a big opportunity here but we need a little marketing savvy. Please allow me a moment to explain.

The way the media currently sees the issues:

  1. Problem A: Immigration abuses
  2. Problem B: Family court abuses

While it is extremely subtle, we need to change the structure to:

Problem: Gov’t Child Abuse Programs

  1. Immigation
  2. Family courts

I believe this minor transition is critical to getting the family court story out there. Why? Because if the problem is seen as immigration, when that is fixed, the story is dead and gone.

If instead, the problem is Government Child Abuse Programs, once the immigration thing sorts itself out, the problem is not solved. The media will be hungry to ride the wave on the story.

The specific naming is less important than the fact we completely remove the word immigration from everything we discuss. In an ideal world, we all agree on specific wording. I’ve worked in this arena way too long to understand the impossibility of that request.

I would not take the time to convey such a subtle point if I didn’t see it as critical to our success.

Hang in there! Change is on the way!





abc_teaserThis entry is in response to the ongoing work of Lilia Luciano at ABC 10 Sacramento who is crunching through tremendous mounds of family court crap to understand the problem.

First, people in the PA and Family Court Reform movement need to fully understand this critical opportunity to have our voices heard.  These issues sometimes gather media attention.  However, frequently it is a fleeting thought; filler content.

Lilia Luciano is a dying breed; an investigative journalist and she’s doing a stellar job of trying to continually report the statewide and national problems.  If you do anything, send her a letter of appreciation.  Her work is making an impact.

That said, I personally have a lot of input based on her work.  I believe what I am sharing here has value to the community at large.  I wish I had the time to produce a multimedia version of this content.  I may opt to reproduce it in that format in the near future.

Some points for consideration:

How do you differentiate between Abuse vs. Fear of Abuse?

Scenario #1 – A child is being abused

Scenario #2 – A parent believes the child is at risk of abuse but is not (fear of abuse).  This likely leads to the fearful parent alienating the child (causing the child to irrationally fear or otherwise reject the other parent)

It’s extremely important to recognize that Fear of Abuse leading to PA is also child abuse since the outcome is removal of a loving parent.

  • The courts do not have the tools to differentiate Abuse from Fear of Abuse.
  • Abuse isn’t always provable
  • Child testimony should virtually never be used.  Children are easily coerced or brainwashed.  Statistically children choose the abuser — ironically, to avoid abuse.
  • Abusers have a better skill set for winning in court.
    They calmly, charismatically appear as the parent who has their act together.  Meanwhile passionate, nurturing parents are traumatized by courts and present as overemotional — on issues that it is reasonable to be emotional about.
  • Parents’ fears of being permanently separated from kids, bankrupted or imprisoned in the process are overwhelming stresses.  These are legitimate fears of anyone in divorce court since the courts and lawyers have way too much power and their decisions are made behind closed doors.

Stepping way back, how can divorce be handled without family court?

It can and often does.  The reason family court exists is primarily as a tool of abuse by someone willing to “pay for justice”.

Abuse allegations could be held in criminal court with juries and other protections of justice.

How quickly can we fix courts to save kids?

The largest threat currently to children is compete removal of the nurturing parent.  This is happening frequently as judges guess which parent is better (assuming they aren’t just paid off; which many are).

It is by no means a long term solution but a child with an abuser 50% of the time has a fighting chance as opposed to a parent who is stranded with an abuser 100% of the time (includes abuse by parental alienation – removal of the other parent).

The courts need to come clean with the fact they are failing at identifying abusive scenarios.  Judge and lawyer egos won’t allow that rather obvious analysis.

Family courts operate on a guilty until proven innocent basis.

The courts fear retaliation for wrong decisions.  So the majority now take any claim of abuse as a default guilt until innocence is proved.  This is a complete reversal of our law system for the “best interests of the children”.

Vicious parents and lawyers are willing to set up the other parent as guilty to win the case.

Some other advice to anyone analyzing this stuff:  Stop reading court cases.

The reason dysfunctional courts have remained in power for decades is that any family court argument can easily be pushed into a dead end, case specific “he said, she said” debate.

To solve the real problems of PA and family courts you need to move to a metadata analysis where brief statistical info is gleaned from specific cases.

Research is horribly overdue especially in quantitative areas where the numbers of effected households and children are quantified.

And lastly…

Gender biased arguments are a large barrier to finding meaningful reform




FEBRUARY 9, 2018 LEAVE A COMMENT Kash JacksonKash Jackson addresses the press on the importance of bill HB4113 to protect children from losing contact with a parent.

A wave is sweeping over America. People want change.

But as long as the media paints the outdated bipolar perspective that you have only two choices: Democrats or Republicans, little in this country will change.

Kash Jackson is on a daily, boots-on-the-ground quest to fight for people in Illinois. Lately his grassroots campaign meant driving to the Capitol and fighting for your rights to your children under HB4113. As a retired veteran, he continues to serve – protecting kids from the horrible, frequent practice of denying children access to a parent during divorce. The family court systems in Illinois need to put solid shared parenting policies in place and Kash understands the system well enough to know that does not happen by sitting at home.

Kash put the word on the street that this bill was important. 36 hours later the number of online supporters had jumped from 800 to 1300. His heartfelt speech wasn’t about getting your vote or looking sharp at a press conference. It was about contributing.

But you are doomed not to hear this story because Kash Jackson’s gubernatorial cadency is under the Libertarian flag and the mass media can’t be bothered.

So while Democratic and Republican front runners continue to get the full attention of the media, Kash is busy working hard to bring what people in Illinois want: Change.

Follow Kash Jackson’s campaign at:










Parents frustrated with their the Unconstitutional abuse of the family courts and the hole that stands as a placeholder for their lives, stumble through Facebook postings reaching out for some understanding.  To connect.

And the valid question becomes: Does any of it matter?  Well it does.  And here’s why.

While mainstream media continues to stonewall our issues, the web continues to be fluid to true supply and demand.  And the demand for a remedy to outrageous, horrible family court outcomes is high.  Very high.

So when Stephen Krasner gets Million Parent March news on the Huffington Post (ranked as one of the highest online news sources), people notice, like.  Share.

So what?

Well the Huffington Post makes money — lots of money — generating content that people want to see.  And they run numbers.  Lots of numbers.  Numbers of likes and shares and eyeballs on their content.

So after you’ve patted yourself on the back for attending the Washington DC rally (deserved) and read the latest article, then take note at the long list of Related Articles at the bottom of the page.

“Divorce content” has become a category.  Categories become issues.  Issues get press.  And press brings change.

Thanks to everyone who fights day in and day out for change.  For us, for our kids and for kids to come.

Peace –









Carlos and his trusty court watchers: (left to right) David Shubert, Gary Jacobs, Carlos Rivera and Ira Scott.

Carlos and his trusty court watchers: (left to right) David Shubert, Gary Jacobs, Carlos Rivera and Ira Scott.

A Suffolk County family court judge encouraged Dr. Carlos Rivera’s pro se ex to monopolize the family court hearing yesterday by reviewing hours of Million Parent March and Walk for Lost Kids video footage to establish if anything caught on film makes him “fit to work”.

Parents stuck in this system know the buzzwords.  Basically, can Carlos serve as slave labor for his ex and the state?

With hundreds of thousands of dollars in arrears Carlos’ fate is fairly predictable at this point.  He’ll be spun in the system for eternity to keep their arrears figure nice and fat.  Putting him in jail is a secondary concern.  They may use it but only when they’re sure there’s no media in the room.

The question “Who is Kash Jackson?” rang through the courtroom.

Yes.  This is family court doing what family court does best.  It gathers information on potential threats to itself.  What this all has to do with Carlos getting free from a ridiculous $13,500/month child support arrangement isn’t clear; nor does it ever need to be.

I only wish I’d been there to clearly, concisely answer the judge’s question.

Kash Jackson is in the best interest of the kids.





NFL players take the media spotlight regardless of what side of first amendment issues they pick.  At the end of the day, they may be denied a lucrative contract but ultimately they’re still free.

Activists against family court corruption aren’t so lucky.

Dr. Carlos Rivera returns to court today to the very real possibility that his recent decision to speak out against family court injustice last week in Washington DC will result in imprisonment.  No media.  No fanfare.  Just Unconstitutional retaliations made behind closed doors where no one pays attention.

Stripped of a driver’s license, passport, every dime and any ability to practice medicine, Dr. Carlos still speaks up and the family court system doesn’t like it.  They don’t want you to know the extent of their unchecked power; that they are not accountable to anyone: oversight, checks and balances – not even the media.

Family courts have learned to sidestep first amendment issues by carefully spinning each divorce case as a one-off anomaly that doesn’t concern the general population.  They neatly declare parents insane or uncooperative with court procedures and avoid anyone putting together the bigger picture: Federal Title IV-D funding.

At a time when states find it harder and harder to balance their budgets, family courts are a windfall for the states.  As long as they keep a consistent imbalance in custody scenarios, child support flows and the states get kickbacks for their help.  Of course, parents forcibly removed from their children and dragged through the system don’t see government intervention as “help”.

And so Dr. Rivera heads to court this morning unsure of whether his choice to voice his first amendment rights will land him in jail.  The outcome will not be a surprise.  At this point there’s only one thing that could surprise him: mass media coverage.







As we get closer to the Million Parent March in Washington DC, September 18th, the need to hit the mass media becomes more and more critical.

States like Michigan have already grabbed media attention due to progress within the states.

If you have some extra time and effort, please contact these TV stations and let them know about the Million Parent March in DC.  Ask them to do follow up story about the national movement.

Thanks for all your effort!












Click here for FCC document

Restoring Freedom has new search engine competition — namely the FCC’s proposal Restoring Internet Freedom.  In a nutshell, it is the new administration’s attempt to reverse Net Neutrality (Title II) allowing the ISPs and other business entities to arbitrarily control bandwidth based on content or any other interest.  This is a complete shot at our First Amendment rights.

And a level of marketing confusion we could all live without.

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