CPS Trends: Opioids or Cash for Kids?

Educating people on the evils of CPS and the Federal funding which incentivizes taking kids is difficult enough without bad journalism in the mix. But we work with what we got.

Recently WebMD and others jumped on the bandwagon of reporting that parental drug use is a rising trend in CPS cases and that is likely closely tied to the opioid epidemic.

Only one small problem. The study never actually says that. The study defines parental drug use as “the principle caretaker’s recurrent and lasting use of drugs”. As for making the leap to opioids, evidence is described as scarce…

That means these figures could be for recreational marijuana usage.

So what’s the big deal, you ask?

The big deal is that children who live with their natural parents have the rights to have someone question what medical attention they get and what drugs they are prescribed.

The medical establishment prefers the simplicity of foster care situations where prescriptions can be made without question — and dare I say — with greater profit margins?

Bottomline: When foster care and the medical community agree to remove mom and/or dad from the picture, they both make money.

And then journalists parrot the story with little regard to accuracy.

Let me shine the light on an accurate fact: CPS systems get paid based on number of kids they nab. And they need to check some box somewhere to insure payment.

The only thing this CPS drug increase trend truly tells us is that someone is checking that little box on their case forms.

Now we need a separate little box labelled “due process” to see how many people are bypassing the formality of Constitutional trials before stripping parents of kids.

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