National CPS Crisis Growing

Updated on July 20th

Frankly, keeping up with the national CPS story is dizzying. Arrests, staff leaving, lawsuits. 86% of US runaways forced into sex came from {state run} foster care systems.

Everyday, DHS and CPS are under scrutiny as a direct result of the Epstein take down. For decades the CPS has been the main feeder system providing pedophiles with an endless stream of children. Most operate with the blessing of family courts that abandoned Constitutional law long ago.

The same lawyers who make bank from destroying families in divorce proceedings (Title IV-D) now have a new source of income: CPS. From individual cases to complete class action lawsuits, each case becomes lower hanging fruit as the picture becomes clearer on the national CPS child abuse epidemic.

Mark my words, the two stories will merge. It’s just a question of what media outlets connect the dots.

July 19th – NC used illegal documents to take children

July 18th – Illinois CPS Lawsuit

July 17th – CPS Coverup

July 16th – Fourth MN DHS Official Resigns

July 10th – ABC News – Rhode Island Director Steps Down

July 10th – CA win against CPS for seizing son without warrant

July 9th – AZ Child Safety Head Steps Down
Note: Arizona leads nation is seizure of children

May 2019 – KY CPS Illegally Takes Kids for Years

May 2019 – AL Tests being Falsified


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