Look Deeper than Lunch Money

Losing your kids over lunch money seems outrageous. However, the true outrage is the systems in place that make that a real possibility regardless of the school’s take on the situation.

Number 1: Anyone can report anything to CPS anonymously at anytime

Number 2: CPS picks and chooses who loses their kids and why. It’s an incredible amount of power than often bypasses traditional court rules.

Number 3: When CPS succeeds in placing kids in new homes — for any reason — they make more money In addition, several industries depend on CPS income: therapists, counselors, etc. Their livelihoods depend on findings against natural parents.

Number 4: CPS systems across the nation are under attack because they are operating illegally; taking kids without court hearings.

So while the school has decided to drop their threats, the core horrific system still remains; one where random strangers can make a call and your kids can be taken away without due process.

That should scare everyone. Not just people without lunch money.

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